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Turkiye Professional Organization of Authors (Owners) of Intellectual and Artistic Works, its acronym is ILESAM, is not an association or foundation, but professional organization.

Professional Organization named by the Law No. 5846 on Intellectual and Artistic Works, dated 1951. ILESAM was established in accordance with the provisions of regulation of amendment No. 42, Article of this Law No. 2936, dated 1983, Professional Organization and Federation of Authors (Owners) of Intellectual and Artistic Works. (ILESAM), that serves the public interests in the fields of science, literature and culture, was established by Cabinet decision in 28 April 1986, and still going concern for a long time in our country. (It is clearly stated in Republic of Turkey Ministry of Culture and Tourism, No. 118-41335, dated 29.09.1986 attached article)

The main function of ILESAM is to protect the substantive and moral rights of owners’ works of science and literature. The Law consist of four categories including; the idea works, music, cinema, fine arts, and science / literature. To protect the substantive and moral rights of Authors (owners) and heritors of all Works (Science, literature, computer programs, maps, architecture, etc.) except music, cinema and Works of fine arts are in the field of ILESAM’s responsibilities.

" Ownership of Science Work Areas" in the field of ILESAM’s protection area are: Mathematics, Engineering, Astronomy and Astrophysics, the Sun and the Solar System, Health Sciences Medicine, Nursing, Pharmacy, Dentistry, Mental and Nervous Diseases), Physics, Agricultural Science, Chemistry, Social Sciences (Economics, Political Science, Sociology, Anthropology, Psychology, Geography, Law, Business, Communication, Philosophy, Education, Philology, History, Theology, Archeology, Literature, International Relations), Sciences (Biology, Microbiology, Biotechnology, Biophysics, Biochemistry), Architecture (Architectural design, Resterasyon, City and Regional Planning, Industrial Design) etc.

"Ownership of Literary Work Areas" in the field of ILESAM’s protection area are: story, poetry, novels, essays, ideas, research, investigation, literary criticism, memoirs, travel, translation, biography, children’s literature, anecdote etc.

Compulsory bodies of Professional Organization are: The Board of Directors, the Supervisory Board, Board of dignity, of Editorial Board, Scientific-Technical Board and the Federation Council of Representatives.

Professional Organization is the first and largest professional organization of in the fields of science and literature (About 3000 members). It is is the only Professional Organization has the right to possession of ‘Turkiye’ phrase in its field.

2 - Membership Status

Legal entities can also become memebers of Professional Organization as real people do.

There are two types of members of our professional organization to become ‘Benefited Member’ and ‘Original Member’. Benefited Members can take advantage of the same rights with Original Members but can not attend General Assembly of Professional Organization and can not serve at

any organ except Technical - Scientific Committee.

Real and legal people must bear the following characteristics, to be members of our professional organization.

Original Members

To be Turkish citizen, to come to years of discretion.

To become the author or the performer of work, to take up as a professional artist or man of letter as a career, to come into prominence with revealed Works as a professional artist or man of letter

as prescribed by Law No. 5846 on Intellectual and Artistic Works.

To be established under the Laws of the Republic of Turkey is conditional for legal entity to become member.

Benefited Members

Owners of Work who are not the real ones have the right to become a member with the substantive rights of a work or who do not bear properties of original members.

Members who want to be real and legal entity must make written application to organization.

Applicants’ submittion of a few samples of available printed publications to organization with their applications, provide both assessment of the status of membership of the Board of Directors and

Enrichment of Organization’s Library.

Entry fee is 50tl, annual subscription fee is 50tl.

Owner of Work or Financial rightful owner or members who want copyright education or monitoring of financial rights of their Work or Works by organization, must give ‘Certificate Authority’ of the Works and a copy of the Works to Organization.

3-Service Objectives

The aims of the Organization’s services are:

to protect the common interests of owners of works of science and literature such as;

‘expressed in terms of language and script works owned in any wise,

expressed in computer programs (software) under each condition,

preparation designs at later stage providing the program will yield results;

all kinds of dances, written works of choreography, pandomime and other

similar non-verbal stage Works,

non-aesthetic value technical and scientific content of photographic Works,

maps, plans, projects, sketches, paintings, geography, topography and

architecture models, and so on

all kinds of architecture and urban design projects,

architectural mock-ups, industry, environment and stage design projects’ and etc.

To Follow-up the financial rights within the basis and procedures stipulated by the legislation,

To Provide payments recieved and distribution of financial compensation and the rights of copyright fees.

Real and legal people’, who are the work owners and financial owners,

following-up on the financial rights of the works, payments recieved and distribution of the rights of copyright fees are done by Professional Organization. But, certificate of authority issued in the name of the owner of work or its successor is valid only for privately named Works.

Professional Organization is sole agent for authorizing members. Neither organization nor person can follow up these rights except Professional Organization.

Professional Organization is unique competent body to protect the common interests of members

and has full authority on behalf of members.


‘administrative follow-up, taking legal action, create administrative and professional relationships

with real and legal entities of domestic or foreign Public Institutions and Organizations, Professional broadcast, organizing courses for matters within its field of activity for memebers or people other than members, establishing social facilities, opening and running clup house, establishing provident fund for members and carrying out other social services, checking the use of members’ marked copies of intellectual and artistic works for commercial purposes. making provision for unauthorized users, carrying out other activities depending on the nature of Professional Organization are in the workspace of ILESAM.

‘Reporting and following-up scientists and men of letters’ opinions and thoughts,

related to the fields of work, to relevant Organization,

to help in the direction of development activities in science and literature,

contributing to the development of relations between the State and author,

supporting writers and scholars in international relations, carrying out some organization

for these purposes’ are among the targets of ILESAM.

4- Collecting copyright fees and following the substantive rights

ILESAM is responsible for collecting copyright fees and following the substantive rights related to the Works of all members, specified in the authorization certificate.

Members consider ‘type broadcast agreement’ prepared by Organization, at publishing contracts with publishers for publication and sales of the works of the owner or holder of financial rights and transferred the copyright to ILESAM and

Members put recording on each copy of the works will be published,

to be paid to ILESAM and to be marked with the principles of the Regulation on Marking of Intellectual and Artistic Works (Year code, City code, name of publisher, publication, and Serial Numbers)

Organization is responsible for encashment and distribution of copyright fees upon request,

after the deducts of 20% union share from collected copyright fees and pays the rest of it to the owner of work.

If appropriate, Organization has its represented Works published and offer for sale the permission of the owner. It can transfer financial rights of these Works to third person,

as long as financial rights of the owner reserved and owner consents to copyright fee.

If it is specified in the authorization certificate, Organization is also responsible for checking in order to represent the use of copies of marked work and making the necessary administrative and legal procedures for unauthorized users, ensuring the collection and distribution of compensation.

Necessary expenses for administrative and judicial proceedings are covered by ILESAM.

After compensation received as a result of litigation from defendant,10% union share, attorney share and all other expenses are deducted, the rest has been paid to the Works of financial rights of owners.

5- Opportunities provided for members

Professional Organization supports members who contribute with Works to Turkish scientific and literary life.

Professional Organization contend with plagiarism and literary piracy effectively to protect the substantive and moral rights of owners of Works.

Copyright of our members is protected by ILESAM unauthorized users of work

All costs to be covered by ILESAM, sue about the person or corporation

According to Law No. 5846 on Intellectual and Artistic Works

the copyright fees of our members are brought into legal ways to our members.

Professional Organization sign an agreement with TV and radio organizations.

Provide our members to acquire copyright income whose Works are used by media organization.

The opportunity to participate free of charge is provided to our members for organized training activities, in order to increase social awareness and spread throughout the country, about the moral and substantive rights of Works.

In the event of dispute about the authorship, records of Professional Organization about who is the owner of the work is accepted as evidence by Courts and Government Agencies.

The matters referred to the judiciary about moral and substantive right of owners of Works, Professional Organization is entrusted with a task as an authority by Court.

Professional Organization offers free legal advice to its members to provide substantive and moral rights protection at contract that will be made with publishers.

Cost free exhibition and selling works of our members opportunities are offered on the stands provided to allocate for our Professional Organization, at national and international book fairs.

Organizing cost free book-signing opportunity is offered for our members on the stands provided to allocate for our Professional Organization, at national and international book fairs.

Performing and making presentations of Works opportunities are offered for our members in lounge provided to allocate for our Professional Organization, at national and international book fairs.

6- Organization’s Revenues

Organization’s Revenues are formed by; entry and annual fees, as a result of the Organization followed the union shares cut from copyright fees and compensation, transferred money from related funds of Ministry of Culture, grants, donations.

7 – Address

Organization Center : Izmir 1st street, no: 33/16, 4th floor, Kızılay /Ankara

Tel: 90 + (0) 312 419 49 38

Faks: 90 + (0) 312 419 49 39

Web: http://www.ilesam.org.tr

E-posta: ilesam@ilesam.org.tr


Accounting Information :

Post-office account No:105590

T.C. Ziraat Bank, accounting No: 39009056-5007, Ankara/Başkent Agency

IBAN TR20 0001 0016 8339 0090 5650 07